“What have you done to my car?”

“How did you manage that?”

– she said..

If you, or someone else, has stuffed-in your car, all we, at Weston Customs, care about is getting you back on the road. We get it – you’ve got bigger and better things to worry about. In situations like these, you need to crack on whilst we get your car road worthy again – it’s what we’re here for.

In addition to this, and more often than not, it’s not even your fault. Especially when you’re having to drive through the congested streets and country lanes of Oxfordshire – The ‘City’ is ‘at capacity’; the driving style is ‘go, stop, go’, with very little distance in between; the narrow streets; the small gaps; cars either side; “watch out for that cyclist”; “..that moped” and “..that taxi!”, the list of things to dodge goes on.. I’m guessing, but an educated one, is that there is a high-probability of having an accident in and around Oxford due to the reasons mentioned. Worst of all, it’s out of your control. However, if this has happened and you’re looking for a accident repair specialist;

Get in touch or call us immediately.

We’re very close to the City of Oxford (Eastbound up the A34) and only 5 miles from Bicester.